Harpist Tracy DeMarco
Harpist Tracy DeMarco
Harpist Tracy DeMarco
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Biography ("Tracy K")
Beautiful, evocative, imaginative and original – the harp music of Tracy DeMarco brings us closer to relaxed spaces. Tracy performs all both original, classical, jazz, and traditional celtic/folk music on electro-acoustic harp in the Chicago and metro areas for private and public events. Her style is ambient, atmospheric, and world influenced, composed and improvisational. She currently resides in Kankakee, IL, and has been in the Chicago area since 2001. A lifelong musician, Tracy took an interest in the harp in the mid 90s and has been performing since her move to the Chicago region.

racy has joined forces with many other talented area Chicago musicians, including jazz violinist Sam “Savoir Fair” Williams and Avant-Jazz Composer/Director, Renee Baker as part of the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project. In 2004, Tracy formed the recording project, “The Glass Hour” joined by drummer/guitarist Ed Nudd and talented acoustic guitarist Matt Schneider in creating the trio’s first CD, “Amaranthine”
– a unique harmony of acoustic and electronic ambience.

After 2005, Tracy continued The Glass Hour as primary composer, building upon previous evocative, and storybook atmospheres with added electronic orchestration, new vocals, harp solos, and experimental tones. Guitarist Brian Bradbury joined The Glass Hour in 2007, and the pair released their first CD Ever After in June, 2013. Tracy continues to write and record solo works in ambient, classical harp and keys.

The Glass Hour - music available from cdbaby, itunes, and bandcamp
Solo works by Tracy available on bandcamp

Amaranthine, 2005 - The Glass Hour
Tracy DeMarco - harp, voice
Ed Nudd - guitar, drums, keys
Matthew Schneider - acoustic guitar

Ever After, 2013 - The Glass Hour
Ever After, Instrumentals 2013 - The Glass Hour

Tracy DeMarco - harp, voice, keyboard
Brian Bradbury- guitar, drums, bass, additional keys

A Suite for Better Days, 2014 - Tracy DeMarco
Tracy DeMarco - harp, keyboard

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